Project won't open

when I try to open my project, shotcut attempts to open it and starts to consume all of my computers memory before crashing. I am able to open the project as a clip and I think everything is intact.
so what is the issue?
DOWNPOUR.mlt (1.2 MB)

Your project opens fine for me. Your project file is not small by any means with 22,583 lines of code in it. Might have to restart your computer and only attempt to open this project with nothing else running.

Opens fine with your version of 22.04.25, or with the current version 22.06.23.

I zoomed out on your timeline for this screen capture.

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Maybe a case for sections or chapters as individual mlt files? Something to at least consider for the OP moving forward to help prevent such errors, especially if the machine specs are lower end.

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