Project still accessing source video from camera

I have a teacher here who is using shotcut for a class project. When they added a source video, they added it directly from the camera (plugged in to the computer via USB) instead of first copying the video to a local drive and then adding it. Now he cannot unplug the camera, or it gives him an error that the file is unavailable. We tried doing a “save as” on the project, but it still references the original file located on the camera. How can we fix this? He has done 2 days of editing on this project and doesn’t want to lose it. Thank you!

  • Copy the file from the camera to disk.
  • Then open the MLT file you saved.
  • When it says that the file is unavailable, double-click the filename.
  • This will bring up a dialog to find the file.
  • Navigate to the disk file copy and “open” that file. then click OK.

P.S. Make a copy of the MLT file before you do this - just in case.

Thank you for your assistance!

No problem, I’m sure one of the other forum users would have got round to helping you had I not got there first.

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