Project repair - exclamation marks (signs)?

Hy, I often have to do in older projects and Shotcut repairs the project whenever paths have been changed. That’s really great! :slight_smile: Only I am really interested in what to do with the exclamation marks?

See Screenshot:

When files have been found, it sometimes happens to one or a few exclamation marks, although the file is 100% identical, as well as the same is the same, etc. up to the file date - i.e… Even if I manually click through the path to the file (i.e. do not search in the folder), it retains the exclamation mark in the list of files to be repaired …

However, it apparently has no effect on the project even if they were then repaired. So what should these exclamation signs tell me ??? I have been looking for this several times (I didn’t find something like that in the forum/help).

I’m looking forward to answer, thank you before … Paul

Sorry if I ask again. Does nobody have any info or ideas for what this means (or causes when repairing)

It allows you to choose a different file for replacement. Just a warning that the replacement file does not match what is written in the project file.

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