Project exporting failed

I have made my project and I tried to export it, but then it began to fail. This kept on going on and on. How do I fix this?

We can’t help you based on this scant description.
Please give more detail, much more.

I am suffering from the same syptoms, attempting to rotate a clip of about 7 minutes. After selecting the desired rotation and scale, the export almost completes but then fails. I was successful to run this operation on a shorter clip, exactly the same settings. I’m using Peppermint 64bit.

I don’t think the poster is saying he is editing while exporting, rather than AFTER he’s used the filter and THEN exports, it fails.

If you have GPU Effects (Experimental) enabled, disable it and start again.

That is correct Steve, only after editing is complete would anyone attempt to export. How would I know if I have GPU Effects enabled, I don’t think I do, at least I didn’t enable it.

Settings>GPU Effects


Okay thanks Steve, they were not enabled. It must have something to do with the length of the clip being edited, shorter 3-5 minute clips go thru fine.

Disc space??

Don’t think so, 135g free space.