Project disappeared

Hi good morning I spent 4 hours working on the project editing clips dragging and dropping then a bar came up within the audio line at the bottom saying v1 and v2 which I don’t know what this means so I say to my work then close down the application, then when I opened it up again all my project was gone please could you help me this is very important to me

Find the project file using Explorer (assuming Windows). Show us where it is on your computer by taking a screen shot. If you cannot do that, no one can help you because we do not know where it is on your computer.

Or, maybe you can open the project, but a part of the window is empty or different, but it is not clear from your communication. In that case, a screenshot and a better description using the name of things in Shotcut is helpful.

@letsgotye It’s unlikely, but maybe you saved it somewhere else than you think. Happens to me sometime. Open Shotcut again and go to File then Save and Shotcut will go to the location where you saved your last project. With any luck your missing project will be there.

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