Project dimensions

I’m trying (and failing) to create a project for social media.
I’m fairly familiar with Davinci Resolve but I’ve recently changed to Shotcut to train people in video production at the NGO in Timor Leste where I’m volunteering.
I’m trying to create a 1080x1080 video canvas which I’ve tried to do by going to Settings > Video mode > Custom > Add then creating 1080 x 1080. But when I go to New Project > Video mode > Custom and choose the new 1080x1080 one I’ve set up earlier, the canvas is the standard 16:9 format.
Searching on this forum suggested the project will take its dimensions from the first clip imported if its set to Automatic instead of Custom. I then created and imported a 1080x1080 still image and dragged it onto the timeline. There were no other clips in the playlist other than that. Same result: 16:9
In the finest #BoomerTechSkillz effort, I even quit Shotcut and restarted it, only for the problem to persist.
I’m probably doing something simple wrong but can any helpful soul out there tell me what it is?

Did you change the Aspect Ratio along with the Resolution? Or did you only change the Resolution? If you only changed the Resolution then go back to create the custom dimension but alongside the Resolution being 1080x1080 make the Aspect Ratio also 1080x1080. Let us know what happens.

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Thanks! I’ll try that.

It worked!
Thank you.

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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