Project and autosaves disappeared

I went into my project that I saved multiple times, but when I opened it, everything was gone and the autosaves in the folder disappeared. can this be fixed?

The autosave function is there if Shotcut was to crash, the program attempts to provide a current MLT file of your project. It doesn’t provide an alternative means of backup.

Shotcut does provide “Save As” so you can easily save your current project to a new file name/location and keep working on your project. When you press save, it only saves to the new file named.

If you was to open up your project mlt file in notepad, it will probably wouldn’t show anything, while opening it with say Notepad++ you would see this:

This seems to happen to Windows users. So far nobody has been able to figure out if it’s Shotcut related nor Windows related.

If you want to upload your MLT file here, we could look at it to confirm it is full of NUL.

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