Progress and editing history all erased!

What is your operating system


What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
Shotcut version 20.04.12

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
I worked all day on a video, saving my progress as I went along. I wanted to use part of the footage for a different video, so I did save as and created a new file and deleted the parts of the video that that was already included in the first one. When I went back to edit the first video, it was as if I was starting from scratch. The “history” of the file was completely blank. I’m devastated!

It sounds like you did not save the “first one” properly. When you choose Save As, it does not save the current project before saving as the new project. That is normal by design; all programs operate that way. If I did not understand your problem you need to explain it better by including exact steps. We cannot fix anything unless we can repeat (reproduce it). How can I do that? I do not understand from your description. Try repeating it yourself and note the steps.

Hi, your answer makes sense, but I am quite certain that I pressed “save” on the first project before pressing “save as” to copy the file for the second project. Even if did not save properly that time, I pressed cntl+s several times over the course of the day, and yet windows has 11am listed as the last edit of the file, which was when I first started this morning. Does that shortcut not work in shotcut? Even if the program does not support cntrl+S, why would my history be blank as well?

Thank you

The English version of Shotcut has Ctrl+S as a Save shortcut, but it could be changed in a translation.
When you write “history” that could mean the panel named “History” in the user interface that corresponds to the undo history or something more general like the accumulation of all your edits thus far. Shotcut does not save the undo history with the project. That is not a bug; it is just a shortcoming, a non-implemented feature. Please clarify your usage of “history.”

My version is in English as well. When I reopened the project 1 and saw that my changes were not saved, I went back into the second project. Again, the second project was just a Save As version of project 1, where I deleted all of the clips which were relevant only to project 1. To try recovering these deleted clips in project 2, I went to View>History and the panel that popped up said <empty>

Undo history is not saved as part of a project, and it is reset/cleared whenever you close a project or open one. It is possible the Ctrl+S shortcut is not triggering under certain conditions yet to be determined.

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