Program is downloaded but just keep getting blank screen

I’ve downloaded shotcut now several times but every time I open the program the screen goes blank, it say’s untitled at the top and if I hover over where the menus should be I can open them up but I get no change to the screen. I’m using windows 7 and 64 bit. Any help with this problem would be very much appreciated.

Can you provide a screenshot?
What are your computer specs?

It might simply be incompatible with your system. You can try changing in the menu Settings > Display Method to Automatic or OpenGL.

Hi heres the screen shot you requested and the specs from my computer.

Sorry if this doesn’t look right i’m really not the smartest when it comes to computers!:rofl:

I’m really sorry but i cant find the menu you’re talking about to make these changes.

Sorry, Shotcut is incompatible with your computer - probably it’s video hardware and driver. You will have to use something else.

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