Program Crashing every time

Hi All,
I’m using windows 64 bit and I can start the program, add media to the playlist, even add media to the timeline, but as soon as I try to play it, the program stops working and says “Not responding”. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling too. Any suggestions???

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You can try changing Settings > Display Method to OpenGL and restart when prompted. If it still does not work, then it is likely incompatible with your system.

Ive been using Shotcut for a few months and had this problem once before but it stopped by itself. I made the change you suggested and restarted the program. I put three images in timeline and then a video clip. as soon as I put the video clip in, and try to play it, the program stops responding. This is the same type of video clip ive been using the whole time.I dont think its a compatibility issue with my system. Any other thoughts??? Thanks

Shotcut is bad. Nothing works as it should.

Not in my experience. Comparing to other non-linear video editing tools Shotcut works very well and it’s easy once you understand the edition flow. You just need to continue experimenting with it.

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On the contrary, Shotcut works exactly as expected, which is why I use it. I barely had to read/watch any documentation. Great editor.