Program Crashed

While trying to compile several short clips (5 - 6), on the timeline at each join made a transition. I was not satisfied and started to remove the clips from the timeline one by one, only the transitions remained. Started to remove them too, then program crashed and closed.
Any reason why, or what I did was wrong ?
Program is updated to the last version.
Thanks for answers.

You did not specify your version and operating system. “last version” is not enough. Many people do not know what the “last version” is, and besides that could mean one version older than latest to some.
In any case, I cannot tell you what went wrong, and from you description does it even matter? You were about to completely empty your project and start over anyway.

@Motim Sometimes people say they have updated the latest version, only to realize they updated it last week/month, but the actual version number tells all. Shotcut has been going through a lot of changes each month this year with each version release.

I wrote a tutorial on the information needed for proper tech support, and the information you provide will also help others in here with the same problem. There are just so many variables to problems, and without specifics it’s just guess work.

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Thanks for the answers.
Sorry for not providing more info.
Well, checked in the program for any new version - its the latest “win64 180801” as it was when I posted my question, have not done any settings in the program, just did what I described in my question.
System is win 10 64bit 1709 English, on a desktop PC.
I just wanted to continue what I started, when the program crashed while trying to remove the remains from the timeline.

I was able to somewhat duplicate the crash, but only from a new project, and it only happened 2 times out of the 5 times I tried. It did initially crash from the 1st transition, I finally got it to crash again, this time from a new project from the 3rd transition.
Steps used:

  1. Open new project (not saved at any period)
  2. Open MP4 file (1920x1080 60fps)
  3. Make 6 splits
  4. Transition each split various lengths (all under 1 second)
  5. Delete all clips (Right click/Remove)
  6. Delete all transitions (Right click/Remove)

This is the only way I could make it crash. When Shotcut reloaded it brought up the autosave file which contained everything before I started deleting the clips.

Just highlighting the clip/transition and pushing the Delete button would not make it crash for me.

Shotcut 18.08.01
Windows 10 Home 1803 (Build 17134)

If you just made the transitions, you can use CRTL+Z to undo your last action. You can keep using CRTL+Z as much as you need to sort of backup to where you wish to start again.

Instead of deleting everything…

You can move the edges of a transition to lengthen or shorten it’s duration by dragging the boundaries whilst holding down the left mouse button, and the appropriate footage from either side will automatically be freed up from the transition,. If you do this - do it slowly and patiently. It seems to be quite a processor intensive action and SC can crash if you get impatient and start clicking elsewhere whilst it’s working. It can take a few seconds on my capable, but not exactly state-of-the-art Windows 10 PC and I can hear the fans speeding up whilst it’s being calculated. I always save the current state of my project before doing this as a precaution, even though the auto-save feature on SC is one of the best I’ve come across.
It’s also possible to remove just the transitions (delete them just as you would a clip), then stretch the clips back to their original length to redo the transitions the way you want them. Again I do this frequently and it doesn’t seem to hit the processor quite as hard. Just “grab” the edge you wish to stretch, and drag it in the direction required. You can stretch it back or forward as far as you like as long as it’s within the boundaries of the original clip.
Additionally, you can also change the visual properties of a transition (such as the direction, type or the custom image) by clicking the properties tab whilst a transition is selected.

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As much as I’ve done transitions, which is a quite a bit, I’ve never tried that until now. I’m hanging my CRTL+Z hat up now. lol

I wouldn’t do that! My CTRL+Z hat is welded to my head I think. I shudder to think what I’d find under there if ever I took it off!
I often wish I could CTRL+Z a lot more things in life that don’t reside on computers!

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