Program crash

In the playlist were two short video clips for some triming.
One clip was on the timeline after triming, and export was in progress.
While the first clip still being exported, removed it from the timeline and dragged the second clip from the playlist to the timeline.
Noticed it is not at the start point, so with the mouse I tried to ‘push’ it leftward to the timeline’s start point.
Program froze for 2-3 sconds, a small blue circle started rotating and program gone - crashed.
(And by the way, the crash after dragging a clip to the timeline’s start point, hapened more then once).
Restarted the program again, it gave me a notice (don’t remember exactly), if I want to use a backup - answered “yes”.
On the timeline was the first clip, sent it again for exporting, removed it from the timeline to make place for the second clip.
When all done, the first clip was black - no picture, only sound.
The second clip was OK.
Video clips were simple mp4 short videos, 1920 x 1080, 25 fps, did not change anything in program’s settings.
Shotcut version 22.12.21, on windows 10 pro, 19044.2604 x 64.
What is / was wrong ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Your workflow, while quite acceptable, imo missed one step to prevent major issues. After you have trimmed the first video and BEFORE exporting, you should save the mlt file (and a backup). Then remove the video, add the new one, trim and save as a different mlt file. Then do that export, and while it is exporting open the first mlt and start that export. In effect, what I’m saying is all unrelated videos should have their own mlt project file.

I find it is easier to click in that empty space (sometimes it requires increasing the size of the timeline) and hit x on the keyboard. That removes the empty space, instead of having to try and drag the actual video to the start and avoids some of the crashes that occasionally occur when dragging on the timeline.

If you need to know more then that will probably require uploading the log file (which may or may not not reveal much depending on the crash) found under:
View → Application Log.

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