Problems with video capture

Hi everyone.
I hope I posted in the right topic and my problem is a bug, if not, I do apologise.

I use Shotcut 19.07.15 (latest version) on Windows 10.
Whenever I try to capture using my mobile phone, using the IP Webcam Pro app, Shotcut freezes completely, so I have to stop it through Task Manager or (if I’m lucky), it crashes to its death itself.

I do go along the route Open Other=>Audio/Video Devices, then my cam output shows on the screen, but once I go to Export=>Capture File the problem begins.
The picture comes to a standstill, the cursor turns into a turning blue wheel, Shotcut stops responding until the crash is complete.

I am wondering now whether that is a bug or whether it is me doing something wrong.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Kind regards,

It is a bug, but I cannot fix it because it works for me on my two Windows machines (I just retested it). Also, unfortunately, we rarely receive a fix from an outsider even though this is open source. Meanwhile, like most operating systems today, Windows 10 comes with its own webcam recording app called Camera. It creates files that can be used in Shotcut, but they will be variable frame rate, which is not suitable for editing. Shotcut should detect that and offer to convert it. You can try to use it directly without conversion, but it is risky.

thank you for this quick reply.
I’ll give this a closer look.

Camera is no use.
However, what’s the use of having a program if even the developers won’t fix the bugs because it works on their own machine?
How selfish can you get?

Very disappointed with this, I will have to start looking elsewhere.

Making something that takes years of free time and giving it away for free is selfish? OK. From what planet do you come from? I just realized that “IP Webcam Pro” is a streaming app and not a real camera. I was testing with a real camera. Audio/Video device capture in Shotcut is not really intended for network streams. I might take a look at this some day, but it is strictly voluntary out of the goodness of my heart if I choose to. But there are thousands of things for me to do in Shotcut, and this is low priority. Take it or leave it.

I use an iPhone, and while IP Webcam Pro in the iOS App Store appears to be the same as the Android app of the same name, it is not as far as I can tell. It acts more like an illegitimate fork of Pavel Khlebovich’s app intended to fool people like me into paying for the same thing on iOS. Maybe it is only an IP camera viewer and not a phone camera streamer.

Well said. trying to fix a “bug” that you cannot reproduce usually takes a large amount of effort, which can be spent more productively. I remember one we had in our operational weather forecasting model that took took us years to pin down and fix. At one point we had a dozen people looking at the code (well it was a million lines of muti-tasking Fortran).

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