Problems with new Shotcut version 22.03.30


I am trying to cut unwanted parts in a video track. But when I do so, the same “cut” track keeps on appearing, although the cutting process shows on the track section.
Also, when I “push” a track over another to make a transition, it does not happen.

Please, help.

Thank you!

I am sorry to say that I do not understand your description. I think you are using the words “cut” and “track” incorrectly. Please distinguish between “clip” and “track.” Also, be exact about what is “cut” because we think you mean “Edit > Cut” from the menu or toolbar but maybe it is Split.

Nothing really changed in these areas of Shotcut in this version, and it was tested by many others for almost a month. I tried to do some actions that I think you are saying, but I do not reproduce a problem. It is possible you made a bad upgrade:

  1. Reboot and before doing anything else
  2. Uninstall
  3. Reinstall


So sorry for the delayed answer. Thank you for your help. I had to reinstall Shotcut and is working fine.



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