Problems with Keyframes on gain volume

Hello friends. I am not sure if it’s me or anyone else has had difficulties with using keyframes on gain and volume filter. Every time I click on a clip and choose gain and volume filter, it adds the filter instantly, but when I cluck on the keyframe button, it takes almost 1 minute for the keyframes to appear and when I make the adjustments and click the timeline button, again it takes about 1 minute for it to go back to the timeline. I need to make changed like this for almost 600 clips and it drives me crazy all that waiting. Am I doing something wrong?

do you mean this process?
I have no problems.
Using the latest version of Shotcut (21.05.01)

Hi ejmillan. Exactly. What you just showed me for me it takes about 3 minutes for each clip.
I have the newest version also. I have the proxy enabled. Could it be because of this?

I haven’t followed the issue but there were comments about performance problems, but I didn’t check if it was a problem with the changes in the Shotcut libraries, or if it was a specific problem of a user with a computer at the limit of the minimum specs.
Updates bring new features, bug fixes and improvements in general, and something new may be more critical in certain environments (CPU-RAM, etc).
With the information you provided, we can only make general assumptions.
You can search the forum for similar situations to find out why, but I would download an older portable version (to avoid installing another version). Then I would create a small project and on that project I would do my tests, to rule out any computer configuration problems or background processes that slow down the operation of Shotcut and also to check if your problem only occurs in the current version (21.05.01).

Thank you so much. I will do that. I will try finding an older portable version and find out why I have this problem.

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