Problems with JPG

When I add a JPG the the timeline Shotcut crashes. .movs are fine. Any explainations or tips?

You did not state your operating system or Shotcut version. I do not have a problem. If you are using Linux see

If that does not apply to you, upload your JPEG in a reply to this thread.

I have windows 10 and Shotcut 20.07.11.
I have tried many jpgs and shotcut closes immediately after loading them. movies and mp3 are no problem. I am a bit technically inept so please be specific in your help.

This is one jpg among many that i tried

Windows 10
Shotcut 20.07.11
Your picture worked fine for me.

Maybe you are using 32-bit version or have too little memory such that loading a 4608x3456 makes it use too much memory.

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