Problems with Exported Video

Hi all,
I use Shotcut to edit and export video from my handcam Sony Cx130.
This camera produce .MTS file in AVHCD.
I Import the single .mts files into AVHCD folder into Shotcut and the use them into timeline in differents Video Tracks.
The problem is that: very often, in Exported File (Mp4) the are a lot of “flash/frame”.
It’s like a Flash (White Frame) every tot minutes (not fixed intervalls).
This is very sad.
I don’t Know if it’s a problem with .mts or it’s a known bug.
Have you any similar experience ?
I can link a lot of Video made with shotcut that explain this problem.
Thanks in advance.

MTS is not a very seek-friendly format, so there could be some frame accuracy issues if using them directly. What happens if the MTS files are Converted to Edit-Friendly and then use the converted files on the timeline?

MTS has given me so much trouble that I do this unconditionally for all MTS files now.

Also try with Export > Video > Parallel processing turned off

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