Problems with creating a movie from Ubuntu commandline with melt


exported-file.mlt (6.3 KB)

Before I start: I have a small example attached, so somebody might check my observation.

Now to begin: In my movies I frequently insert subtitles that slide in from the right side and fade out after some seconds. If I render the movie with shotcut, everything looks as expected.

No I want to be able to generate a movie from the commandline. So I examined and stored the XML file and started

$ /snap/shotcut/current/ exported-file.mlt

Beside an error with some libmltsox library (BTW: this is also missing when you work with shotcut) my video file is created, but the subtitle does not slide in but instead appears instantaneously at its final position.

Maybe I have to add some additional params to the “melt” command, but unfortunately I don’t know what these might be.

Any ideas?

Thank you


This is not important. Shotcut does not use any sox effects.

Try adding LC_ALL=C to the beginning of the command line. I do not think it should matter, but it sounds like it might from the description.

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Try melt-7 -verbose -progress2 project.mlt !
I also did have problems creating videos with melt-7 project.mlt because it did not accept all input files.
Maybe these two arguments provide the file opening process more needed time!
My taskmanager showed me these arguments used by Shotcut!


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This worked perfect! As the XML file contains a LC_NUMERIC=C I also tried it with

LC_NUMERIC=C /snap/shotcut/current/ exported_file.mlt

and this worked as well.Thank you for this competent answer!


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I think that these arguments only produce statistical output (verbose, progress). Of course I tried these as well before, but - as expected - with no success. LC_ALL=C or LC_NUMERIC=C is the solution.

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