Problems running on Mac?

I run SC on my Windows laptop and Mac Mini. On the laptop it runs fine - I seem to be having problems on the Mac which is annoying as it’s wired into my studio - better monitors, screen, etc. For example Audio Visualisations - nothing happens. You select the Filter, play the audio - nothing. On the lappy it’s fine. Is there a known problem that there are issues on Mac?

I’m on the latest version on both machines BTW. Any advice very welcome.

No. You are probably not using the same files on both systems. The audio visualization filters only work on clips that have video even if that video is simply album art.

Which files might be different? And visualisation works on the laptop but not on the Mac with the same MP3 file. Do you mean program files?

I was following this tutorial… No art or video…


If you have only one track of audio (in my case V1), you can apply the visualisation to the “Master” track and it does work.
Screenshot below showing only one track (wav) and the filter applied to the “Master” (shown in red).
Done on my Mac Book Pro.

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Must be my Mac then as that’s exactly what happens on my pc but not on the Mac for some reason. Nothing appears in the preview window.

It also works for me (iMac OS X 10.11.6), whether the filter is applied to the master track or only to the timeline clip.
On the other hand, if that can help you, I remember having to download an additional component so that the audio software can deal with .mp3, notably Quicktime. But probably that on recent Macs this component comes as standard?

Thanks - I’ve worked it out but it was trying a .wav which made me realise. You have to have the music (whether MP3 or Wav) on a video track, not an audio one. I was putting it on an audio on. It’s a bit unintuitive but actually it makes sense that a video filter needs to be on a video track. Being a mainly audio/home recording guy I jiust assumed audio would go on an audio track.

Thanks all!

This is what I ended up making

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