Problems opening videos in Shotcut

Hi. I am new to using Shotcut, and mainly use it for editing videos for lectures. Mainly the videos are imported from a medical software that uses the h264 videocodex. I am not able to open these files in Shotcut. Does anyone know how to solve this problem, or is the h264 codex not part of Shotcut?

I am grateful for any input!

Shotcut has no problems opening videos compressed using the h.264 codec.
Can you supply an example for others and developers to test?

Thank you for answering.Yes I will put in a video, just recorded yesturday to test again… (the roof in our livingroom…) So a nother thing worth mentioning is that the oldest videos I have recorded (less than one year old) are running in Shotcut. I talked to the manufacturer of the medical software today, and sent them one video. No explanation so far, but they might be able to log on to my pc tomorrow to see if they can solve it. I have two pcs, windows 8 and 10. None of the videos run in the windows 10 (nor in WMP or VLC player), and not in Shotcut in any of the pcs. In the windows 8 pc they can be played in WMP.

This video only plays with MPC-HC.
Tried Avidemux, Virtualdub, Handbrake, VLC, WMP, Kdenlive, and Any Video Converter. None played this video file.

Windows 10 Pro 64 1709

Works fine for me in PotPlayer. I converted to MP4 with AVS converter (Handbrake didn’t like it) and it opens fine in Shotcut (W10 Por 64bit).
It’s an AVC1 encoded file.

Thank you again. This seems to challenge my computer knowledge too much. I will try and download the AVS converter and see if I can sort it out. Thank you very much.

I will put in a link to a different video that I am able to open in Shotcut. Recorded in the same medical program. Can anyone tell me why this opens and not the newer ones? THere have been no uptdates or changes to the Medical EDA softwar to my knowledge during the time I have had it.

I have downloaded the AVS videoeditor, and it seems unable to convert some of the videos to mp4, seems to be the same videos I cannot open in Shotcut.

This video I can open in Shotcut, but the previous not.

Because it’s not using the same codec as the newer versions.
This one uses Microsoft Video 1

*Microsoft Video 1 or MS-CRAM[1] is an early lossy video compression and decompression algorithm (codec) that was released with version 1.0 of Microsoft’s Video for Windows in November 1992. It is based on MotiVE, a vector quantization codec which Microsoft licensed from Media Vision.