Problems from export video

My problem with my videos is that I edit the basketball games of the club. the videos are 70/80 minutes long. all I do is a 6 second video cover with the name of the pavilion, date and name of the teams, and then the result of the quarters for example “third quarter, 60/45 + 15 / + 5” and a small 6/10 second video with the break lyrics. the problem is that videos of 1.54 gb become 2 or more gb. the last one happened to me without editing from 1.89 gb that was at the beginning (it lasted more than 90 minutes before editing) to become more than 3gb in a 70 minute video. I need my videos to last a maximum of 2gb to be able to send them to the technicians or players by wetrasfer. Investigating I have noticed that the properties of the videos and looking at details the 1920 × 1080 data are maintained but the issue of data rate and total bit rate fluctuate a lot when these parameters are high (more than 3000) is when most heavy (more gigabytes) is the file. I hope you can give me a solution or how to do it thank you very much.

Read this thraead for suggestions: Can someone please assist with High Quality settings and low file sizes upon export?

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