Problems applying overlay HTML to a clip - [solved] by accident

I had a frustrating time trying to add an overlay HTML filter to a clip yesterday.
The HTML was a video title featuring animated text which I designed using Elusien’s WebVfx framework. In the past it’s worked fine - changing the length of the clip changed the rate of the text animation so that its duration was dependent on the length of the clip.

But not on this occasion (after upgrading to 18.05.03 - not sure if this was part of the cause…).

Anyway the animation didn’t speed up when I shortened the clip, and came out very glitchy, with quite weird and unexpected results. I tried everything I could think of, tweaking the start and end points of the clip, moving the clip to a separate track, clicking on another clip then back to the first, reloading the overlay filter at the beginning of the clip. Still no luck.

Very frustrating. But then I found the solution by accident. If I tweaked the throbber to add a fade-out at the end of the clip, the HTML animation suddenly worked as expected. I also found I could reduce the fade out to zero after doing this and it still worked.
Hope this may be helpful to someone.

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