problem with transitions

Windows 10
Hello, I have a problem with transitions. When I create a transition by dragging, there is no way to reduce / increase the transition, the mouse cursor is simply not active. Is the problem in the editor or in my system?

I do not reproduce it.

If you are unable to move the edge outward (left edge toward the left, right edge toward right), it is probably because there is no more footage to reveal. You cannot make a clip start before its beginning or go beyond its end - except the latter case (end) by changing Properties > Duration.

Thanks for the clarification, I tried splitting the 3 hour video and the transition is freely scalable there.
The problem with the transitions was fixed after the system was updated, so the bug was in the system. Now I tried it on a three-hour video - the transition stretches both to the left and to the right, only on small clips you can only decrease it, but it does not increase it, but this is already normal.