Problem with png's with transparency

I have a little problem with png’s with transparency and with shotcut.
The gradients and transparencies are not displayed correctly. Instead of gradients I have lines of lighter and lighter colors, but a regular gradient.
I made my images with inkscape.
I enclose a screenshot in shotcut and the file used.
The problem is also present in the export, in the video file.
If someone can help me ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @lepolau

I suspect that you have placed your PNG on track V1.
Or maybe it is on a higher track, but there is nothing (no clip) on the tracks under your image.
Transparencies don’t work well when there is nothing underneath.

Create a color clip and place it on a track below your image.


Hi @MusicalBox,
yes indeed you are right. I just moved the image and it’s fine. Sorry, for this simple problem, I should have realized it. Thanks a lot for your help.

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