Problem with garbld green video

When I open an older project video in Shotcut, the video just shows green. If I close Shotcut, then open a flat mp4 video in Shotcut, it displays correctly. If (without restarting Shotcut) I then open a mlt project it goes green, and if I then try to load the previous mp4 without restarting Shotcut, it also shows green.

Display method is set to be Software (mesa) not OpenGL.

Additional info
Screenshot from 2021-12-09 21-06-54

And more info about my system
Screenshot from 2021-12-09 21-07-24

Problematic mlt
bandana-tutorial.1.1.shotcut.mlt (94.7 KB)

Your project is using GPU Effects, which is experimental not supported (you were warned at some point). When you turn it on (not through the UI) and try to load the project, it reports

because it is also using the Stabilize video filter, which is incompatible with GPU Effects.
When I comment out that filter in the XML, it loads. Then, I substitute my own media, and it displays OK (not checking for integrity of effects). After turning off GPU Effects (you turn it off in the Settings menu but not turn it on from there), it loads once again with noisy green video. It was supposed to warn you that it needs GPU Effects. So, that was broken somewhat recently and is a bug.

Here is your project with the Stabilize filter removed: (93.7 KB)

Now, you probably want to turn on GPU Effects, but be warned that not only is unstable, but it is exceptionally slow with the Software Display Method! You can turn it on in by editing the config file or command line option, which are documented in the Technical Notes section of the Site Map.

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