Problem with change in color in some scenes


I have changed color of some clips in DaVinci and exported the full video in shotcut, but some parts of this final video have color of the original clips (without grading process) and some others have the correct color. In the preview I see that the full video is completly correct and has the correct color. I’m using to export this configuration: Format: Matroska. Color range: Full. Scan mode: Progressive. Deinterlacer: YADIF. Interpolation: Bilinear. Codec: utvideo. Bitrate: 20M. GOP:120 and B frames: 3. Colorspace: BT-709.

I have tried different configurations but have not be successful.

Someone could help me to find a way to get the exported video to be the same as the preview?


Is there a specific reason for exporting in full color range? If your media player doesn’t support full range properly, there will be a color shift.