Problem with Audio

Hello everyone… I am working on a project on a video file…I was trying to add a background music to the video file but the audio sound is not clear/sound is blurry
Please help me…

What are the audio properties of your file? Does the file sound clear with other programs?

This file is from the YouTube Audio Library (free for use with YouTube videos).
audio properties

Mine is also an audio file from YouTube library,the blurry/jerky sound shows only while iam editing.It disappear once i export the file.

The Audio file plays only cause problem when the splithead is playing over a video file that has a chroma filter.

In the editor this is to be somewhat expected, especially when initially previewing. If you’re just using one hard drive for your operating system, the editing program, and all of your source files, it’s a major job for your computer and hard drive to keep up. SSD’s are faster, but even for me, there is still a bit of a lag.

I have noticed that YouTube music downloads (From the Creator’s Studio) are quite loud, and I usually put a Gain/Volume filter on it to reduce the volume. Turn on your Peak Meter, it’s probably peaking real high.

I even experience some audio lag occasionally.
Here is my computer specifications:
i7-7700k 4.2ghz, 34gb Ram, Z270 Mobo, GTX1070, 2 SSD’s, 4 HDD’s.
Shotcut 18.05.08