Problem with allocating time to a still image

Hi! I created a project with several still images, each playing for 5 seconds. The problem is that when I drag one of them as soon as I drag the end to reduce the length to 5 seconds it it jumps to 4:24 seconds. I can carry on reducing the time length fine, then when I increase the time as soon as it passes 4:24 seconds it jumps straight to just over 5 seconds. I have had the same issue with other time lengths when the same thing will occur with one of the still images.

I have tried right clicking and going ti properties, but the place where one allocates a time length is “greyed out”.


Many thanks!!!

The number after the colon are the frames not milliseconds. So in your case, you have 25 frames per second and the 25th frame represents a full second.

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When the image is on the timeline you cannot use the properties panel to adjust the length.

Extend the length of the image using the right trim handle. Then you can use the time spinner with the mouse scroll wheel or the left and right arrow keys to set the exact length. Trim the extra by pressing o.


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