Problem in the audio/video device capture function

I’m trying to record my voice inside Shotcut.
To do this I use the function Open other-Device audio/video
When I start the capture, I get an error: Error opening the show:video=screen-capture-recorder

The error occurs whenever I select an audio source, whether it is the microphone input or a USB audio interface.
If I don’t select an audio source, I can do the video capture without problems (but without sound).

I thought the problem might be an incompatibility of the project’s video source, so I set up a project with only PNG images and no audio. The error appears every time I select the audio/video device as explained above.

I have attached the log
20200413 Shotcut Error.txt (38.2 KB)

This is a known bug tracked here:

In the meantime, use another app such as OBS Studio to record the screen and audio input at the same time.

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Thank you for responding. :slightly_smiling_face:
I did a search before I published and saw some posts from last year.
With several updates since then, I mistakenly assumed it wasn’t the same problem.
Take care of yourself.

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