Problem Importing AVI Format Video

I have an AVI home video that was edited and had transitional effects added (2003-4 vintage Adobe Premiere). The video will import into the editor, but a checkerboard video transition (I was being artsy) used in the video seems to mess up the imported video. The original AVI plays OK in Windows Movies & TV with the proper transition but Shotcut, VLC and conversion in Handbrake will not play or convert the video with this transition. I would imagine it’s an issue with the CODEC used for decoding the video. Does anyone know if there is a configuration setting that will let Shotcut read in this video correctly?

The common thread for all those applications is that they all use FFmpeg to decode video. So I would guess that something about the codec in that file is not playing nicely with the FFmpeg codec. My advice would be to try to find some tool that doesn’t use FFmpeg to convert the file to an intermediate file which other applications can use. Davinci Resolve might be something to try.

Can you post a screenshot of the “Video” tab in the properties panel for the file? It might provide some new clues.

So this isn’t something that the “Convert To Edit-friendly” option in Shotcut can take care of?

The “Convert To Edit-friendly” feature also uses FFmpeg.