Problem Existed Between Chair And Keyboard

This isn’t an issue, the problem was 100% me, but I had almost finished this post when I realized I was the problem and wanted to share it. Hopefully it makes you laugh as much as it made me laugh.

I’m using Shotcut 21.06.29 on Windows 10 21H1. I’m have 1 video track with no sound, a primary audio track with my narration, and a secondary track with background music.

I’ve tried setting the gain for the main track and secondary track and I’ve tried doing a 2 pass normalization, but no matter which way I do this, every time I stop talking and there’s a moment of silence on the primary audio track the secondary audio track jumps up in volume when I export the video! Once I start talking again the background music drops back to acceptable levels.

I’ve tried changing audio formats, I’ve tried change video formats, nothing seems to be working!

So what was my issue in the end? The issue was my video player of course! I use VLC and have the compressor enabled so that when I watch movies I’m not blowing out my ear drums every time there’s an action scene. When I stopped talking VLC boosted the audio exactly like I had told it to :rofl::rofl:. Once I remember to turn off the compressor everything worked just fine. As it always was.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a movie on the TV and then the commercial break occurs and the volume of the adverts is about 2 gazillion decibels higher. It must have been like that watching your video.

There were regulations passed in Europe, U.S.A. and other places to prevent the ads being so loud but it hardly helps if the program is intentionally quiet or normal in nature such as dramas.

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