Problem Audio playing and seeking

Hi, I want to add an audio file on a video.
the audio file is a readed text in Mpeg-4.

When i add it, i put play “In a little village…” i put stop,
Back to the beginning of the track and when i put play
instead of hearing “In a litlle village…”
i heard the continuing “the people used to be amazingly fun”
After, I can click wherever i want, it will still continue to play the track but not the sound it should be

I not sure to be understandable, please help me ! plus i’am french.

thank you,


This file does not support seeking, and you need to convert it. You can open it and export it to WAV, or you can use Properties > menu > Convert to edit friendly. This is not a bug; it is a file incompatible for editing.

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