Privacy and Cookies Setting

Is it just me are is anyone else getting more and more annoyed about the “Privacy and Cookies Setting” that appears on the site for about 2 seconds incessantly until, after the 10th attempt to click on it it disappears, at least until you visit the site again.

This insane EU Cookie law forces you to click on such a popup for every single site you visit. It’s madness as no-one reads the full text anyway, they just click on the button that is highlighted. The law doesn’t even allow a cookie to be stored that gives your preference so that the site doesn’t need to ask next time you visit!

Sorry for that rant but now I’ve got it off my chest I feel about 0.0001% better.


First time I hear about this. But yeah, that sounds insane.
I hope they don’t get the same idea over here.

But hey! Can’t you write a script or something that would automatically close those popups?

I might use my VPN and set it to look like I’m not in the EU - that may sort it out.

Hi @elusien - just to report that I don’t get that here in the UK. Then again, we brits aren’t in the EU any more …

Est-ce bien de ceci que vous parlez?
C’est vrai que c’est pénible. Même en acceptant tous les cookies pour ce site, il faut recommencer pour chaque session suivante.

Is this what you are talking about?
It’s true that it’s a pain. Even if you accept all the cookies for this site, you have to the same for each new session.

This shows due to advertising integration into the forum, but you are not seeing ads because you are a “Regular” in its trust level system. Sorry to hear that these prompts still appear. :face_holding_back_tears:

The penalties for not complying with the GDPR are pretty severe for any website not complying. Twit TV has had many in-depth conversations about GDPR.

I even see those on U.S. websites, but I only have to click on them once.

This is what I get:

Annoying isn’t it!

Not in the EU but have to answer the cookies thing in the far corner. Not an expert but this is after I’ve logged in manually. Surely after logging in I’ve entered into some sort of agreement. Also, the cookies banner covers my reply button.

This started happening to me when I switched the VPN to EU, never really got cookie banner after I first time visit a site here without VPN.

The laws are strange everywhere, better just asking my lawyer about that. One of message to the lawyer struggling with the law:- Why aren’t cars allowed to be customized here, I was looking for the old open roof jeep to be customized. I have to export that stuff to other countries, which I am not going to do. How the s**t I do that here.

I’ve just returned from Africa (where I used a South African laptop) to the EU. Bad news, it’s a bit different there, but not much better.

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