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I thought that “display/layout/add” allowed me, to find the appearance of the previous one, with each version change. This many times, I have to manually restore my preferences, because clicking on a saved layout, does not give me my previous layout. The problem is far from dramatic, because it’s just a matter of minute(s), and it’s also possible that I was wrong about the purpose of “add a layout”, so what interests me, is whether It’s just a little bug, or if I misunderstood, tell me what to do.
Version 24-01-28 on W10.

I have a similar situation. For example, when I adjust the timing upwards, when I restart SC, it does not appear in the position where I left it…

This has been happening since I upgraded to Windows 10…

Hmmm… I don’t have the same problems guys.
If I change the layout (in my example the Editing layout) and relaunch Shotcut, the new layout always get saved. Same thing with custom layouts.

I’m on Windows 10

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what interests me in this case, is mainly to find the 4 or 5 tabs (export, filters, etc.) the timeline and the key images, as well as the video waveform and the video vector.