Preview video lags/stutters at certain points

When I preview the video lags and stutters at certain points which is very annoying. I have the latest version editing with MP4 files. My Laptop can handle video editing. Please help. I use a zip version of shotcut because I can’t use the main app. Shotcut was doing fine yesterday.
Laptop specs:
Processor: Intel core i5-1035G1
RAM 8GB 7.76 usable
Integrated graphics: Intel UHD

This will happen on most computers.
You may experience more lag with more filters.

If you have the latest version, then you can try using Proxy clips.
Also try Preview Scaling.

I have tried everything. I know my computer can handle shotcut very well but suddenly the clips lags at certain points while just adding them in.

Look at the timeline in the video. You’ll see the marker freeze for a short time at certain points of the video and in the video preview, you might notice it stutters too. With proxy and preview scaling on and off.

Proxy on ^

Proxy off ^

Shot on iphone 2 BH6.mlt_ - Shotcut 2020-08-07 10-47-13.mp4 (video)

You have proxy on, but you did not generate proxies for the clips. If they have proxies it would say “(PROXY)” under their names in the timeline.

Also, I do not see the problem you describe in your videos. It is playing quite smoothly. If you expect it to be smoother, it will not be inside the editor. You need to export to view it more smoothly. If that does not work good enough for you look elsewhere.

Weird but alright. The timeline indicator was lagging for me at certain points. I’ll try that now.

I fixed all my problems by reintalling shotcut (again). Did’nt work before but I’m happy it did now. Thanks dan for your support to me and the community as the leader. I cant wait to see shotcut thrive for years to come. :slight_smile:

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