Preview time has 0..60 format for milliseconds

Is there a way to change the format of the millisecond part of the preview timer to the usual 0…1000 range instead of the rather uncommon 0…60


Using Windows 10, Shotcut 20.04.12

The last number is not milliseconds but the Frame Number. Since your speed is 60 frames per second it goes from 0 to 59.

On the contrary, it is very uncommon in video to use anything else other than HH:MM:SS:FF

I know that in some “toy” video editors and players, they do show milliseconds, but that is
for the man in the street as they have no concept of frames.

In audio work, it’s more common to work (and display) in milliseconds.

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Ah ok that makes sense, thanks
I need to go to a specific millisecond time tho - having to convert the time is not optimal but it’ll be fine

Just keep in mind that at 60FPS, the duration (and multiples) is 16.67 milliseconds.
It may happen that it won’t fit in nicely with your target time, so you will have to adjust to the closest 16.67 millisecs.

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