Preview Scaling - 270p

4K proxied clips playback smoothly with preview scaling at 360p, until there are effects, like Text, then it lags.

Can we please have a new setting of 270p plus a keyboard shortcut/hot key, say, of Shift F7?

Thank you.

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Can you please share your computer specs? If your computer struggles to apply the text filter on a 540 proxy with 360 preview scaling, then I suspect it may fall below the minimum system requirements:

If it does meet the minimum system requirements, then there is something else going on which we should try to figure out. Maybe restart your computer or close other applications?


Thank you for replying. I am sorry for not returning the courtesy; I did not get an alert.

My specifications are below.

I only asked because I have the same problem with Kdenlive, but thankfully they have 270p, which takes care of the lag.

Again, I apologise for not responding sooner.

The 270p, with keyboard shortcut, would really help me.

Thank you,



Acer Swift 1

Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor N3710

Intel HD Graphics


4GB DDR3 L Memory

Sorry, but 270 is not significantly lower than 360, and the lower you go the less accurate the effects will be as preview scaling is approximation of results.

The computer specs are below the minimum. Have you also tried using proxy files?

I should have said. Sorry. Yes, I am using proxies.

Not to worry. As I say 360p is fine. The effects are only a few seconds of lag. I just figured if kdenlive can have 270p that Shotcut could as well. Thank you both for your replies. It is much appreciated.