Preview/Playback issues

Shotcut: V18.06.02 (Win x64)
GTX 1050Ti OC (4GB)
i7 6700k
Win10 1803

I’m trying to edit some 2k 60fps footage from my GoPro Hero4 Black and shotcut is struggling to preview the content. Is that normal, or is something amiss? It uses about 30% of my CPU and 5% of my GPU during playback, and drops frames horribly, somewhere on the order of 1-5 FPS.

My settings are as follows:
:heavy_check_mark:GPU Effects
Video Mode Auto
Audio 2 Channels
:heavy_check_mark:Scrub Audio
Deinterlacer Linear Blend
Interpolation Nearest Neighbor
Gamma sRGB

As far as I can tell, my settings should be optimized for easy preview/playback. My timeline is just the one file with no effects, so I don’t believe this should be a burden on my hardware at all.

What am I doing wrong?


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If GPU processing (Experimental) is enabled, disable it.

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Well, that did it.

The frame-rate is still far below the 60fps desired/targeted, but it feels far smoother. I can edit with this, at least.

Thanks so much!

Playback in the editor won’t effect the exported render.

I’m aware. I was just commenting upon the perceptive impact of editing/viewing footage when it isn’t playing back smoothly. It’s distracting at the very least.

Yes, it can be - but it’s not uncommon.


Is this behavior to be expected with this resolution file on my specs? Anything (other than using proxy/edit-friendly files) I can do to help improve it?

Try changing Settings>Display method.

But honestly, once you start adding filters etc you’ll find it becomes laggy.
Shotcut is a ‘work-in-progress’ application which we [as users] get to use for free. We are basically ‘testers’.
It’s not a polished commercial application.

I’m familiar with FOSS/OSS and some of the bugbears therein.

I’m not intimately familiar with Shotcut however, and I was just looking for context as to whether or not my render/preview performance was normal.

It appears that it is par for the course, so I’ve fallen back to MoviePlus X6 as my NLE once again.


From their website: MoviePlus has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase from our website.

Shotcut is still going through changes and renovations. At least keep checking back and trying out Shotcut from time to time. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, MoviePlus X6 has not seen an update since 2012, but it remains (in my opinion) an excellent, easy to use, and versatile NLE.

What I’m missing from it is:
LUT and advanced Color Grading/Controls (+1 to ShotCut)
Hardware Accelerated Rendering/Preview/Export

ShotCut is far and away the best FOSS NLE I’ve used, and I’ve tried just about every one I can get my hands on. It is mostly intuitive, focused on editing, and generally is great. When I was using footage from my RunCam2, I was using ShotCut since it performed better against that particular 1080p60fps footage than MoviePlus did. However, now that I’m using 2.7K footage from my GoPro and the performance difference is negligible… I’ve fallen back to the more familiar tool.

I do sincerely hope ShotCut continues to grow and evolve. If I felt like they were welcome, I’d bombard these boards with tons of feature requests for little quality-of-life things MoviePlus has that are missing from even things like HitFilm and other commercial NLEs that I’ve tried.

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Bought ShotCut on the store, and have been using it for simple work since I last posted. Glad to see it still growing.

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