Preview/onscreen bug using spot remover (final output ok)

Windows 10
Shotcut 23.05.07 64bit

When using 1080p source within a 720p project, and using ‘spot remover’, the preview window displays the spot remover result/blur in the wrong spot. The preview wrongly shows the spot remover result in the scaled down (1080->720) position.

  • A ‘spot remover’ added and placed at the bottom right of screen
  • preview shows spot remover blur incorrectly near middle of screen

This doesn’t seem to effect output, blur is in correct position. Only preview seems effected.

I can reproduce it (Flatpak)

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I think I am seeing the same issue but with a different scenario: I have a stabilize and a sharpen filter on the same clip; if sharpen is below the stabilize, the UI has this issue where it seems the sharpen effect is losing the correct image coordonates after stabilization (the sharpened overlay remains in the same place where it would have been on the image before the stabilization - I hope this makes sense). Reversing the order is showing the correct composite.

And as OP, the export result has the correct output no matter the order.

Note: use full screen, compressing this to fit forum size made the sharpened “overlay” a bit hard to see.

I’ve noticed something similar with using spot remover + color grading, iirc, the order/stacking made a difference/bug on the preview. Not sure if it affected the output.

Anything involving Stabilize is subject to the other recent, fixed bug about Stabilize. You can download the latest daily build to retest.

Yep, 23.05.12 fixes my stabilize+sharpen bug.

@brian Can you take a look at this one? I believe it is related to the yuv420p handling.

This is fixed for the next release.