Prevent scaling when adding video?

I know the size of the video I want to make. Let’s say for example its 500x500 and my source file is 1920x1080. I set the video mode to 500x500 right? How do I import the video so that it doesn’t resize to 500x500 and I just move the part of the video that I want to crop to for the 500x500?

I guess basically I want to crop the source video and resize the video to the cropped selection. So like say I was using crop rectangle I would like to export a video of only the cropped portion. The way I’ve managed to do this is by using the size filter and changing the size to my source video and then changing the position. This does work however the position setting is a bit tricky at times because I can’t just drag the video as far as I can tell. Is there an easier way to know the position that I’d want if this is the only method?

Not sure I really understand the question, but what I do in those situations is use the crop source filter to crop the video, then the size position rotation filter to center it on the canvas (which you can drag or otherwise adjust its position using the filter properties)

Sure you can. Pay attention to the status message that appears for 15 seconds when you add the filter:

That’s not available in an easy way today. You would need to figure out the resolution after cropping (you can use Crop: Rectangle filter for this), remove it, change the video mode’s resolution and aspect ratio, and then use Crop: Source filter and try to figure out how much to remove from each edge to crop it again. A specific feature to automate this is in development for the version after next and already looks promising.

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