Presets For Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Shotcut has a preset for Youtube but I’ve seen other editors that also have presets for Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. How about adding presets for those platforms for the next update?


It’s all the basically the same. Also, the defaults work for all of them. These sites all want to take as much video as possible. So they are actually not very picky about what they receive.

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Okay. What is the default export preset that Shotcut is set to before a selection in preset is made? Is that just a general preset? From what I see, the only difference between that and the Youtube preset is that “preset=faster” is “preset=fast”.

The defaults do not have a preset, but you can return to them by clicking the Reset button in Export.
YouTube preset also significantly reduces the GOP size.

Right but what I meant is that if the default preset is meant as a sort of an all purpose export setting?

Yes, which is why I am going to reorganize the Export panel to move almost everything into an Advanced area. The primary view will be the From field, presets, and Export File buttons.

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Why don’t you send an inquiry to Instagram?

First of all, why are you copying a question from reddit (
Second, with no description of the settings you used for the conversion, nobody can help you. Did you use the default export, a preset or custom settings?

youtube presets can be used to any horizontal video export … We are free to make another custom export … I did a vertical custom export just changing the settings → “video mode” , aspect ratio and resolution to vertical settings … and just resize video or place a blackground video to cover black background before export !