Presets for Equalizer: 3 band filter not working

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Win10, 64bit, Pro

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I saved a preset with the new 3 band filter (audio) (btw. thanks for it!) and when I load it on a other part of my clip, it does only load the setting of the first slider “low”, but not mid and high.
And even if the Low filter is loaded, the sound is broken, if you reset to standard, it will still not work, you have to remove the filter and add it new.
So creating presets seems to not work.
But it work to copy the filters and paste them.
Sadly so far I didn’t found a option to only copy ONE filter, it does always copy all filters for the current selected clip.
Preset I have created:
2022-03-08 12_49_33-003047

Loading it:
2022-03-08 12_49_52-003048

Just de-select all the filters EXCEPT the one you want to copy, by clearing the box with the tick next to the filter name (e.g. the image below shows how to copy just Brightness, not Contrast):


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Thanks, I will try to remember it.

Just don’t forget to re-select all the filters once you have copied the one you want.

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This is fixed for the next version 22.03


Thank you :slight_smile: