Preset/Cofiguration to speed up export in mp4 process?

Hi all.

Sorry about my english.

Let me try to explain.

I tested one video of mine in avidemux and in shotcut.

In avidemux I imported the video, changed to encode it, selected the default mpeg4 avc codec, with these settings:

  • preset: veryfast
  • profile: high
  • IDC level: 4.1
  • fast first pass
  • encoding mode: constant rate factor (single pass)
  • rate quality: 22
  • full range samples option checked (so i end up with a video with the same colors as the original)
  • audio AAC 160kbps stereo 48hz

The video has 30 minutes, and is 1080p 30fps.

this was done in about 45minutes to encode with avidemux.

Here are the configs i used in shotcut with the same video:

  • preset: H.264 High Profile
  • res 1080p
  • 30fps constant
  • color range (full jpeg to keep the same colors as the original video)
  • progressive
  • deinterlace: YADIF - temporal + spatial
  • interpolation: bilinear
  • coder: libx264
  • rate control: quality based vbr
  • crf: 22 / 56%
  • gop: 125 (default)
  • b frames: 3 (same as avidemux)
  • audio (same as avidemux)
  • vpre=medium
  • preset=superfast
  • vprofile=high
  • movflags=+faststart

with these settings i ended up with an video with almost the same quality and size as the one produced in avidemux, but it takes a lot more do be done, about 1 our and half.

here are my questions:

  • does anyone knows how to keep the quality but reducing the time to encode in shotcut?

  • is that possible to use the same presets used in avidemux, in shotcut?

  • is it possible to use constant rate factor (single pass) in shotcut? i dont see this option anywhere.

sorry guys about all these questions. im new. if anyone can help, please…

These conflict with each other. Set both to veryfast to have a fair test.

oh. didnt know that.

as long i comeback home (im at work), ill try the same encode with the same video but with this change in the preset. ill comeback here to say the results. thanks for the tip.

I did another test and the result is way better now. Still the speed is not the same as in avidemux but now is way faster. The quality, it seems, is the same as before, so, the quality, for me and my needs is good enough.

Thanks dude, for the help.

Is there any more commands to put in “other” to have better quality/speed during encode?

The B-frames could be set to zero to increase speed, but that would also increase file size.

Your current settings are about as good as it gets for general usage.

on avidemux i see that the default for the same quality as posted here uses b-frames 3 and gop 0. do you know what gop will change?

and b-frames, if i go to 0, do you have any idea on what difference we are talking about in size?

ps.: cant do some tests right now.

EDIT.: sorry. on avidemux “open_gop=0” what is this? and what aspect does it impact on the encoding?

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