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I record how I play computer games and then edit these videos with Shotcut. I just add an intro, mute the audio track of the recording, and add the edited audio track. Then I export that with certain settings. I export it with 3200x1800, even if the original was recorded with 1920x1080, so that I get more bandwidth and the VP9 codec from Youtube.

I sometimes take two, three or four recordings in one evening and would like to export them all during the night. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to prepare multiple videos and export them automatically one after the other. So I start an export before I go to bed, one when I get up and one when I get home from work.

Each export takes just around 1.5 hours. That means that I could theoretically let them all run at night, but at the moment I only manage 3 videos a day and on top of that my computer is permanently running.

How can I prepare several videos for export and then automatically export them one after the other via a queue with my export settings?

Many Thanks

There is no need to wait for one Export to complete before starting the next.
As long as you make no changes to the original files outside of ShotCut, you can close that project and open a new project while the Export is running.
If the next work is a different version of the same project, use Save As to create a new MLT with a different name.

I use the workflow regularly; I have one set of connected projects which each take over four hours to Export; I start all three on Export in the evening, and check the results the following morning.

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It worked. I exported 4 videos tonight and editing of the fifth was still going on this morning. Thanks.

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