Preferable improvements

Hi Shotcut staff , and all , I’m new in this forum , and i discover this nice video editing software , from about 20 day . I 've editing any video , and I have find that it’s very nice software , yes I think that , more improvement are in the future , I think , that one of that , can be rendering in background , for make fluid preview , and a instant preview at mouse move as it in Final cut pro . I think that this features can improve daily use, and improve fast working . I use in the same laptop (this one with I’m write) Catalina osx , Linux Mint , and W10 , in osx I use Final cut , and have fluid preview , when mouse scroll over clips , i think in Linux Mint it’s possible have the same result . But I’m not a programmer ( not good ) . Any way if you have any time , i think this improvement , can be many appreciated for who decide to use Sc. Many thank’s and best regards .Dino

That’s a great idea, but a very complicated request. It has been discussed already here:

We do export in the background, and I doubt we will ever do background render/cache.

instant preview at mouse move

This is called “skim” and you can find it on the keyboard shortcuts reference. In the latest version, you must hold Shift+Alt to permit it.

Austin ,I’ve read the post that you have report , ehm you have make an exaustive scheme , of complexity… I know that everything is easy in words, but in fact it is not. Anyway ,if we could take advantage of the CPU and GPU a little more, we could have a slightly more fluid preview.
I’ve try to copy timeline to a source and i’ve see improvemente in realtime effect preview are now more fluid .
I don’t know , this is the functionality I was looking for.
Also yesterday I tried, the filter stabilizes, with short videos made by a drone in FHD (without gimball) simply fantastic the result obtained. So it is clear that this software embodies a lot of potential, and I am convinced that it will improve further.

Shotcut thanks for this info , it’s very important for me to have skim , it’s very useful, I don’t have try all shortcut but I’ will in the next days. It’s possible in a future update ,add a buttom for control skim (on/off)? If already have this function implemented in software, it should be easy.
Guys, Great Job …

Thank Dan and Brian for the code. I’m just an average user that writes long posts and philosophizes my quarantine away. :rofl:

Out of curiosity, does that mean that getting quality GPU acceleration along with better CPU usage in Shotcut is easier to get done than background render/cache?

I was thinking that with the possible issues that have been mentioned before with getting GPU acceleration in Shotcut, that background render/cache would’ve been easier to implement.

Anyway, I have another idea on how to improve the functionality of this excellent software. In Final Cut pro x, I very much appreciated the possibility of skiming directly in the media library, and therefore having the possibility of directly selecting the part of the video or photo or Music. This function would be a must, but also a significant function. Makes video editing intuitive and fast.
I don’t know if it’s simple to make, but it would be fantastic.

Hey, I think it would be very beneficial for a feature that allows us to select and move all tracks or clips at the same time. That way we would be able to add something into the start of a project easily if we had many cuts in the project already. That would save us having to move all clips individually.
Thank you.

Moving multiple clips has been available since January (2 versions back). You pick the clips while holding Ctrl or Shift to pick more than one in the timeline.

There is also a second way to move multiple clips around which is by turning on both the Ripple and Ripple All Tracks features at the same time then dragging one clip to move the rest: