Potentially Odd Linux DE Question

I’ve been using Shotcut on several different Linux distributions from Ubuntu, LinuxMint using Gnome, Xfce, and Cinnamon, and I’ve found Manjaro Gnome to be the more stable (so far!). Manjaro Xfce crashes on occasion unless I keep clicking the “Save” Button. Which is all fine. Manjaro Gnome seems to be pretty stable and solid.

But, I’ve been curious. What desktop environment is Shotcut made for in Linux? Is it a mostly KDE app? I’ve noticed that themes depend on Kvantum, which makes me believe it’s more for KDE. I’m not opposed to using KDE, but like I said; Gnome’s been pretty stable. Uses more memory than KDE, but seems to be alright.

Any thoughts?

It is agnostic about desktop environment. It is neither a GNOME app or a KDE app. Rather, it is simply a desktop app (not mobile or web). Shotcut’s system theme just so happen to use the Oxygen icon set, which was originally made for KDE, because it was good and comprehensive. But the Light and Dark themes use a somewhat unique icon collection called Default Icon plus some custom ones.

Thank you! Though I haven’t used it in KDE, I can tell you that Shotcut’s running beautifully in Manjaro Gnome 20.x Keep up the great work!

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