Possible to show vidio clip on the left side of vidio and animation on right side?

I am doing a Climate Change story and want to show the main video in the main window and some animation “Its video” under the bottom of the main story. Is that possible?

You need to two video tracks with one clip per track at the same time. Then, add a Size, Position & Rotate video filter to each clip and adjust the size and position of each clip. You might then struggle how to make the clip rectangles fit into the full output video frame. Yes, that is a creative problem with more than one way to solve. It all depends on aspect ratios of your inputs and what you want to output.

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If you need a visualization of shotcut Leaders response, the video link below is a split screen tutorial, you would just split the screen in a different place for your project. How to create a split screen Ken Burns Effect in Shotcut - YouTube

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