Possible to enlarge audio line?

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I have trouble putting two audios above each other correctly/synchronise them (want to replace a bad sound against a good sound), but I can hardly see the lines. Is there a way to zoom into the audio line to have a closer look? The + and - does not really help. I would like to enlarge it much more not only move it closer together.
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I did this last week - the last word was missing in a video, I found the word I needed in another recording by the same person added the section as a second audio track.

Right click the left of the time line and there is an option o make a track taller - Ctrl+=
Also zooming in to get the see exactly where to cut or paste.

The other option here is adding a Gain Filter and using Key Frames (In pairs) to turn down the volume at the start of the unwanted track and turn up afterwards.

Someone in a video I edited this week said 18 instead of 8. I used keyframes on the gain to lose the “teen”.

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Select any clip in the timeline.
Hold down Shift, and scroll up. You’ll have to keep adjusting the view of the timeline to see it all, or even break out the timeline. This will expand all tracks in the timeline, not just one.

When you’re done, you can either Shift scroll down or just reset all track heights.


Thank you Hudson, this is exactly what I needed. :hugs:

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