Possible to double up frame rate in deinterlacing?

Hello! Thank you for the awesome editor.

I’m trying to rip DVD disc (VOB files). In Virtualdub it is possible to double up frame rate while applying deinterlace filter to achieve smooth image movement (http://i.imgur.com/yE5p6FG.png).

Is is possible to do the same in Shotcut? I tried doubling up the framerate manually on the Video tab of Export but it did no good and clearly I’m in the wrong here.

Any help is appreciated!

Shotcut does not support frame doubling deinterlace (yadif 2x).

When I encounter interlaced files, I use FFMpeg to normalize them before importing them into Shotcut. If the video is interlaced, I use the yadif2x deinterlacer to make it progressive. DNxHD makes a good lossless intermediary format.

I wrote a Python script that wraps FFMpeg as a convenience: