Possible to Crop + Pan?

Is it possible to pan in a cropped image?

In other words, I have 4 images that I want to combine into quad screen by cropping the middle quarter out. I’ve tried combinations of crop, size and position, and rotate and scale. Regardless of what I try, I can’t get the effect I want.

I have a clip which is 1920x1080 and i want to crop a box from the middle left (0 to 960 horizontal and 270 to 810 vertical), then rearrange that to fit in the top left of a quad screen. (I know how to do this part)

The problem arises when I try to pan my image. In other words, I want the top left quad-screen to show 0-960 and 270-810 at first, then gradually pan to 960-1920 and 270-810. I was able to manually create the pan by using scale to 2x, then changing where the crop cuts, except there is no keyframe option for crop. Even I try to use a 3rd filter (size/position+ crop + rotate/scale) I am only moving or distorting the quad screen, not panning within the quad screen.

The only workaround I can see right now is to re-render my footage with the pan, then use that as a base to crop?

Si j’ai bien compris ce que vous demandez, cela doit ressembler à ceci

Votre image sur V1
2 fois le filtre taille et position

Une couleur sur V2 (Noir par exemple)
Masque forme simple (opération soustraire)
Taille et position

Les autres images sur V3, V4, V5

Deepl traduction
If I understand what you’re asking, it should look something like this…

Your image on V1
2 times the filter size and position

One color on V2 (Black for example)
Simple form mask (subtract operation)
Size and position

Other images on V3, V4, V5

Thanks! I have never tried mask before.

So basically there is no need for crop, because crop could always be done manually with masks?


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